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You Are Cordially Invited to The Pasquinade.

In 1501, a marble statue from ancient times was unearthed in Rome and erected near that city's Piazza Navona. The statue depicted a male torso and was christened "Pasquino". It became a tradition to dress up the statue on St. Mark's Day and the Pasquino became a prime location for posting anonymous, bitingly critical lampoons. In the mid-17th century, these postings became known in English as "pasquinades".

Pasquinade is an audio/visual collective and this is their eponymous debut album - an exotic psychedelic mirage concealing a mysterious and treacherous realm where dark and light coexist; where love is war, together is alone, and dreams are reality; where the tangible is illusion, and the veil reveals. 

Welcome. You are here.

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© 2020 McKenna - Pasquinade Album Launch 

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